In a Time of Change and Challenge, We Make a Difference!

Building Leadership

Exponential growth has placed extraordinary demands on Southwest Florida. We must develop community leaders committed to a great future for our region. That’s exactly what the Chamber is doing-and at an accelerating pace.

The Chamber is the oldest and strongest provider of leadership programs in the region. We have graduated more than 1000 community leaders since 1987.

We are building the next generation of community leadership through Leadership Lee County and the brand new regional L.E.A.D. program. We teach veteran and up and coming executives alike about the challenges we face as we cope with unprecedented growth and change.

Graduates of our programs emerge ready to tackle the obstacles that threaten the creation of a high-functioning community.

Providing Strategic Information

Succeeding in Southwest Florida means staying abreast of business trends, best practices, and public policy issues. The Chamber keeps our members and the regional business community current on the topics that will have the greatest impact on their organizations.

Each year the Regional Economic Outlook Conference provides a unique overview of where we’ve been and where we’re headed in Southwest Florida.

Individual workshops, seminars, and luncheons examine both business and policy issues that affect the business community.
The Chamber website as well as our monthly print & E-Newsletters provide both timely and timeless information to help business leaders do a better job of driving growth and profitability.

Major Investors

General Members